Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Two Ways

Epilogue to Easter 2011: Hard to get into the spirit of Easter 2012. One of my best friend's, whose favorite color in the whole side world was purple, left us for her heavenly home just a couple of months after Easter last year. 

We had seventeen people gather around these tables. Laughter flowed freely along with good food and good wine. I am in the planning stages of what to do for this year with that huge hole in all the lives that Betsy touched. Betsy, you will be sorely missed this year!

Toy wagon plays host to flowers, candy & more as bunnies snuggle along side.

My mother's pink linen tablecloth makes a beautiful backdrop for her pink and white china! Bringing back wonderful memories of childhood.

My really long dining table gave plenty of room for not on, but two whimsical centerpieces.

Precious memories from a  long ago time!
Growing up in a very small family that is now even smaller, having several guests for Easter Dinner is really special & fun! Having more guests than can comfortably sit at one table means setting up a couple of tables. Who said the two tables had to be similar?

Taking a little creative liberty, I chose to have one very traditional table that boasts my mother’s linen tablecloth and Pink Orchid china—the one I remember from childhood. Ironing the table cloth and napkins is a labor or love, aka, chore. A tall centerpiece allows for conversation, yet commanding attention and respect.

The other table is a bit whimsical with two centerpieces. A wagon carrying plants and candy provide a resting place for a family of bunnies by the wheel. A bird cage is home to a bird with a nest and eggs. Butterflies keep watch over the young feathered family.

No gathering that includes my good friend Betsy would be complete without a touch of purple, thus the purple candles in the middle of the table and a smattering on the wheels of the wagon centerpiece and the daisy coasters.

Custom designed paper Mache Easter bunnies dance on the oak mantel overlooking the diners.

A little bit of my mother’s taste—a little bit of whimsy! What better way to celebrate such an important day as the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ?

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