Three Steps to Eating Out Safely

Eating in restaurants, even those with gluten free menus can be scarry. We have found a routine that works & is so simple.

1. Before being seated ask to speak personally with the general manager. Present your Chef's Card that is customized to explain your dietary issues and threats.

2. Ask the manager:
  • Do your chef/cook understand what gluten is and the seriousness of a medically mandated gluten-free lifestyle?
  • What specific precautions are taking to prevent cross contamination?
  • Is there any risk of wheat flour or bread crumbs coming into contact with gluten-free food?

3. If you are satisfied with the manager's answers, when you server takes your order insist that the server attach your Chef's Card(click link to go to card) to your written order.

3. When you receive your food, ask questions if concerned about cross contamination. For example, everyone at the table receives a salad. Those not eating a gluten free diet have croutons on top and the gluten person's does not. Ask this question: Were the croutons removed from this salad? If the answer is "YES", leave immediately; your food is contaminated.

Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions or to explain your problem to everyone who handles your fzxood, After all, if the restaurant staff contaminates your food, they do not get sick--you do!

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