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Me in a Nutshell: Earned doctorate, certified home economist, author, consultant, and retired university professor plus a retired business owner.
I retired from Auburn University Professor after spending 30 years in the academic arena. I then decided to fulfill a long term dream of owning my own wine, gift and antique shop called The Brass Brassiere (yes, like the undergarment). During my years of running my business, I became somewhat of a wine and culinary expert out of necessity. I had the good fortune of meeting a few terrific folks who were starting a new newspaper. They asked me to write a column. Here I am ten years later with a very popular  food and lifestyle weekly column for The Auburn Villager (http://www.auburnvillager.com/).
When my husband was diagnosed as being Celiac/severely gluten intolerant, my undergraduate degree in home economics became my rock. With a firm nutritional background and understanding, I tackled our new lifestyle with a vigor I had never experienced.
I literally turned our kitchen into a gluten free foods lab where the research and development began. Every recipe I post on my blog is gluten free and personally tested by me. Because my husband is extremely gluten intolerant, being knowledgeable about, understanding and preparing gluten free meals is not a luxury but a necessity.
Our love for people and entertaining steered us toward preparing elegant and delicious party foods, brunches, lunches and dinners—all gluten free. Our non-gluten sensitive friends love to eat with us and are absolutely fascinated that completely gluten free meals can be so delicious, pretty and fun. Being a certified home economist with friends in the food industry didn’t hurt a thing. They have been a tremendous source of help.
In addition to sharing our love of good food served elegantly, my husband and I continue to pursue our love of antiques and the restoration of our 1896 Victorian home that we share with our two rescued puppies.

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