Friday, September 20, 2013

Open Faced Mini Muffulettas

Finger foods are a natural for any party, get together, tailgating and the list goes on and on. One that we liked a lot with heavier wines from our the days of our wine tasting parties at The Brass Brassiere was our "Open Faced Mini Muffulettas". The flavors are heavy enough for more robust wine. Here's to you!
Wine Pairing: Chianti, Primativo, Barolo or Zinfandel

Here is my recipe:
2 Against The Grain frozen baguettes
1 8-ounce cream cheese, softened
1 cup pimento stuffed olives, finely chopped
1 teaspoon dried chives
2 tablespoons onion finely chopped
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

Here is how I put this recipe together:
1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Slice each sour dough baguette into 24 1-inch pieces. Lay sour dough slices in single layers on baking sheets. Toast until lightly browned on both sides—3- to 5- minutes per side; set aside

3. To make spread, combine all ingredients in medium size mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly.

4. Spread approximately 1 to 1½ tablespoons of spread onto one-half of toasted baguette slices. Top with slices from second sour dough loaf. Slice each diagonally.

Servings: 12              Yield: 24

Oven Temperature: 425°F

Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes

Nutrition (per serving): 286 calories, 88 calories from fat, 10 g total fat, 20.8 mg cholesterol, 627.5 mg sodium, 118.5 mg potassium, 41 g carbohydrates, 2.7 g fiber, 1 g sugar, 7.9 g protein.

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