Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comfort Foods for Christmas Withdrawal

Happy New Year! If most of you are like me, you are kind of tired of holiday fare. And, with all the decorations safely packed away for another year not to mention getting back to your normal day-to-day schedule, many of us almost go into withdrawal from the hustle and bustle of the brisk pace of the
Christmas season.

Nothing soothes the soul like a plain ole comfort foods, and I have a couple of dishes that are easy and quick to make. One is Tomato Basil Soup (click here for recipe). This deep red soup is warming and just perfect to warm you on a cold, winter day. The red pepper flakes add just a bit of kick to tease the taste buds.

The other recipe is Naked Spinach and Muenster Quiche (click here for recipe). This a blast from the past for me. Quiche was THE sophisticated dish when I was in graduate school at The University of Alabama working on my doctoral degree. 

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