Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Steak Dinner with Friends--the Table

Getting together with friends is always special, but sometimes more so than others. This past week marked the second anniversary of my husband's pacemaker, plus it gave me an opportunity to say a culinary "thank you" to six of the most awesome folks in the world who look out for Rick's dietary constraints with the same care that I do. Not many people can truthfully say that. So, I am sharing with you the backdrop for this fun, casual evening with really good friends.
Silver chargers placed at right angles make for an interesting setting!
My white hemstitched tablecloth provided the perfect blank canvas for all the other table appointments. A black over sheer topper added the right dimension for a dynamic table setting. 
Antique glass candle holder with sterling silver overlay.
Square acrylic silver colored chargers set at a 90-degree angle to the table’s edge held white dinner plates trimmed in silver. Instead of putting the black napkins to the left of the plate, the customary place to find something to wipe your kisser, I folded the napkins into a simple rectangle and placed each between the dinner plate and charger, allowing about a third of the napkin to show.
Instead of a centerpiece, I opted for two tall crystal candlesticks with black rustic candles and two short porcelain candle holders with a silver overlay that also held matching black candles. Clear hurricane globes softened the flicker of the candle light. One of my guests brought us a beautiful hot pink Kalanchoe plant (in top picture) , adding just the right amount of pop to the monochromatic color scheme of the table.

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