Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Insulting Today Show Segment

Does this not a duplicate for Kathie Lee on the Today Show?
As the old saying goes, any publicity is better than no publicity. I think we all may be giving way too much negative attention to the Today Show's Kathie Lee & Hoda segments. All of that attention generates viewers who may have otherwise not noticed and suddenly tune in just  to see what sort of  trash they may be dishing.

Watching the fallout of such attacks over the past few months, I have decided that blasting folks deserving of being blasted gives them way too much power. If they draw fire, they will do it again and again, especially during a time while folks may be otherwise occupied, thus garnering more viewers than usual. 

Who could this be other than Hoda on the Today Show? Does the word Jackass come to mind?

In this country girl's humble opinion, I think we need to (a) complain to the powers that be in their network, (b) refuse to draw attention, which is so hard on such a passionate matter and (c) boycott the sponsors of that segment. Until you hit them in the wallet, you are are not going to really get their attention--sort of like a really dumb mule or donkey.

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