Thursday, December 20, 2012

4 Simple Last Minute Christmas Decorations

I have four simple, inexpensive ideas for last minute Christmas decorating with very little time or energy expended. Your home will look fabulous with complements guaranteed.

1. Use natural greenery and items you may have growing outside. Above is an arrangement of holly, nandina berries and magnolia. I often add long sprigs of rosemary (I have rosemary bush that is larger than six feet in diameter) to add fragrance to the room.

The picture to right is another example of a gorgeous idea that just screams Christmas. Here, I put a group of pine cones in cut glass bowl. This arrangement took less than three minutes.
 2. Pictured left is a Poinsettia in an aluminum champagne cooler. Time investment was less than two minutes.

 3. This beautiful, but simple and elegant decoration adds pop to a stairway landing. I took a Christmas cone and added a string of lights inside, finishing it off with a large silk candle ring. 

Here is how I did this: Tie a piece of thread doubled to the end of the string of lights. Thread an upholstery needle to get the threads through the walls of the cone. Tie a knot in the two loose ends on the outside of the cone on the back side. Clip the ends of the thread. Thin monofilament fishing line would work equally well.

5. By simply placing a taper candle in a very simple candle still, topped off with hurricane globe and artificial candle ring turns plant stand into a show piece. I placed this one in a dark corner of my living room to add a little glow for my evening guests.

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