Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Staying Safe at The Grocery Store

One of the scariest times for me is buying products that you need such as say mustard, but don't want to make for that tablespoon or so that you need for a recipe. There are no ingredients on the list that seems to be a problem, BUT there is no certified gluten free label posted anywhere on the label either. So what do you do? 

Here is what I do:
I call the company if there is a number on the panel anywhere and ask the following?

1. Is there gluten in this product? If they cannot answer definitively, put the product back on the shelf and keep shopping.

2. If the answer is no, then ask:
  • Was this product produced is a gluten free facility? If the answer is no, then ask:
  • Was the product produced on dedicated equipment?
3. If the product is made on dedicated equipment, but in a facility that also manufactures wheat containing products, ask:
  • What steps are taken at the facility to prevent cross contamination?
4. If you are satisfied that the product is safe up to this point, then ask:
  • How often is the final product tested for gluten?
  • What standard do they use (which should be below 20ppm)?

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