Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Is Here

Hey, you want to eat with me? Well, just come on over!
If you are like us, you eat most of your family meals in the kitchen, which means you get real tired, real quick of your table setting. I change ours every couple of weeks, keeping it fresh for us. 

Wanting a little different look, I based the entire scheme on the colorful, whimsical  wine glasses. A white silk embroidered topper become a great and unexpected backdrop to bright orange straw place mats. The square plates set at an angle mirrored the shape of the blue and green napkins held in place by jeweled napkin ring holders. 

The centerpiece is simply clippings from my snowball tree and my grandmother's rose bush that has moved with me to every house I have ever owned.
So, let me ask you . . . does my kitchen table look like fun or what? 

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