Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Christmas Dinner Tables--Seating for 18--Recipes to Come

Wouldn't you just love to be invited to eat at one of these tables!

Like most holidays around our home when folks are invited, I set two dining tables for Christmas. I like lots of layers of fabrics on my tables, particularly for special occasions

This year I chose to use one white and one green tablecloth. Read on to learn how I made two dining tables compatible and inviting.

Because the dark hue of the tablecloth and the almost equally dark tone of the red chargers zapped much of the  the luster from the table, white Battenberg placemats turned sideways so that a few inches hung over the edge became the backdrop for each place setting.

Atop each white placemat was a charger and a dinner plate with a Christmas pattern. Each place setting was flanked by appropriate silverware and a wine goblet. Two single red candle sticks, each home to a white candle shielded by a hurricane globe and surrounded by a candle ring of poinsettias made for a dual centerpiece.

The other, larger table was dressed with a white linen and cotton blend tablecloth. A 72" red cutwork topper provided a show-stopping contrast. Gold chargers were hosts to tone-on-tone china dinner plate. The same as with the smaller table, each place setting was flanked by appropriate silverware and a wine goblet. A mirrored runner resting on two glass blocks made for an interesting two-level centerpiece. Silk greenery was placed under the runner to conceal the glass blocks. Vases of varying heights and shapes held live greenery, Nandina berries, holly and a few red carnations. White candles in tall lead crystal candle holders punctuated the table.

Everyone always asks "How do you create such a festive table?" The answer is simple: I use of two napkins for every place setting. For the darker table, I chose one white Battenberg and one red napkin. I placed both at right angle to one another, pinched in the middle and then tucked the center into the wine glass at each place setting.

For my other table, I chose a green to match the bows on the chandelier and a slightly off-white napkin. 

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