Sunday, September 18, 2011

Delphi Study Club Tablescape

Theme for the September meeting of the Delphi Study Club was western. Betsy Blake, a very close friend and study club member was to present the program. "If" was the subject--"if" you could be anyone who lived at any time in history, who would you be? Betsy was going to be a saloon girl from the days of the Wild West. Sadly, Betsy left us way too early on June 26, 2011 in her sleep.

Purple was her favorite color, thus many of us wore purple for the meeting in her honor. As hostess (and friend), I embellished the theme with a western tablescape, including handmade western napkin rings (please see next post).

For the tablescape, a piece of denim became the backdrop for a bordered table topper in muted shades of blue, pewter and, guess what--purple. A decorative cowboy boot became home to the centerpiece, and mini "bushel" baskets became home to fruits and vegetables that may have been used in early western kitchens to feed folks on the trail and stopping in to stay the night.

Variations in heights make for a more interesting buffet table. Risers in a number of different heights were placed under the fabric to give lift to the various elements and dishes on the table.

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