Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sharing Christmas Joy

Following is an except from my weekly newspaper column. My encounter with a young couple struggling to make ends meet reminded me just how much we have to be thankful! 
When I returned from my little shopping excursion and looked my beautiful, well appointed home, tears flowed. We could be that couple. Yes, we have our own set of issues, but compared to so many, we have so much. 
And, you know what? Coming home to a loving husband and adoring puppies is just the most terrific feeling in the world! 

.... Waiting in a check-out line a few days ago to purchase a few Christmas presents I had snagged at really bargain prices was a young couple who had only one item—a little Christmas dress for their daughter. In response to the wife’s inquiry about how to pay, the husband handed her a credit card. Her face fell; I could tell she was bothered. I had a 20 percent off coupon in my hand that I offered to them. Somewhat embarrassed, they said “Oh, no! Don’t you need that coupon?” About that time, the credit card machine spit out the sales receipt.
I negotiated with the clerk to let all of us use that one coupon and to re-do that sale, which she graciously did. The couple turned to thank me to which I responded, “Hey, it’s Christmas!” “Merry Christmas!” was their reply!. Helping to make this young couple’s life just a tad better gave me the same warm fuzzies.
Christmas is about giving, not just presents but of yourself as well. Nothing makes me feel better than helping someone who is truly in need. I wish I could see the face of that couple’s little girl when she puts on that cute Christmas dress.  . . .

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