Thursday, October 18, 2012

Entertainment--Delphi Study Club Menu

The menu above is what I served (in addition to my World's Best Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches which is a proprietary recipe--sorry!) at the October meeting of my Delphi Study Club Meeting. Most of the recipes are included in previous posts on this blog.

I have also included pictures of my set table, not to boast but to share with you how easy setting a fabulous table can be. I like using items for my centerpieces that can either be used in some other way, such as planted in my yard, or is edible. Here, I did both. Because my table is so long and the hand-carved wooden ornament hanging below my chandelier is a prized possession given to me last year as a Christmas present made by and given to me by the parents of a student I taught my very first year hangs there all year. One centerpiece is a three-tiered fruit stand that I brought out of the kitchen, lined each tier with excelsior and then added plants, fruit and veggies. The other end boasts a beautiful mum that I found at  Whole Foods in Birmingham. The mums and other plants will find their forever home in my flower beds. The food items are already being consumed.

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