Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lee County Farm City Committee Meeting

I was so excited to not only have the honor of being appointed to this committee, but to prepare breakfast for the members at this week's meeting. The purpose of our group is to highlight the important contribution farmers make to the local economy. Agriculture and farming have far reaching effects that touch all facets of our economy including schools, government, business and industry. The events planned for the coming weeks will give citizens of all ages opportunities to take a sneak peak at initiatives and farming practices of both yesterday and today.

Here is my GLUTEN FREE  menu:

Here is how I did the table scape:

Serving tables are so much more interesting when varying heights and textures are used. To get the little height I needed I used a couple of sturdy cardboard boxes taped closed, but anything during with a flat surface will work. 

When I think about my grandfather tending his cows and other animals, the image of his boots and denim overalls come to mind, so I thought why now. I took a pieces of fabric about 2 1/2 yards long and simply used stitch witchery to hem the fabric. I placed the denim over the boxes, forming a basis for other appointments. It is hard to see from the picture, but I placed fabric at an angle to the table. I used a paisley print topper in muted shades of blues and tans with with tiniest bit of purple, and I also place it at a 90 degree angle to the table to provide interest. For my centerpiece,  I used my boot vase filled with matching silk flowers in fall colors, placing it on the highest box that I intentionally placed to the farthest end of the table.

Here is how I arranged the table:

I placed a three tiered served at the end of the table opposite the boot. This piece was home to a plate of squares of  Walnut-Orange Coffeecake, a plate of fresh grapes, and a plate of Spinach Frittatas. I placed the Sausage and Sour Cream Casserole on the lower tier box. A basket lined with napkins help the Banana Nut Muffins. I placed the plates at the end of the table closest to the door where the serving line would begin. I placed the napkins and the silverware at the other end so that folks would not have to balance items not yet needed while serving their plates. 

Stay tuned because all of these recipes will be posted in the next couple of days. 

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