Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's Christmas Party Time

How would you like to have been a guest invited at this gluten free spread?

Between 50 and 60 folks enjoyed an evening of good food, good conversation and good wine. Did they know they were eating gluten free? Most of them did not.

Here's How I Put Our Christmas Party Together:
  • I began with a pristine white tablecloth of linen and  cotton. 
  • Using glass blocks as risers, I designed an interesting display of varying heights for platters and serving pieces.
  • I used a cranberry colored synthetic blend tablecloth to cover the glass risers.
  • Two 3-foot candle holders, which was home to two 3-inch column candles carried the eye upward for a BIG impact.

What's Were Those Yummies on the Table?
Smoked Salmon Spread
(Proprietary Recipe)

Pimento-Olive Cheese Loaf

World's Best Chicken Salad Served on Rice Wafers
(Proprietary Recipe)

Creole Veggie Dip with Veggie Dippers (Recipe)

Creamy Artichoke Caesar Dip
with Against the Grain Toasted Baguettes

Date-Nut Meringue Balls (Recipe)

Mocha-Chocolate Fondue with Marshmallows

Light Fruit & Cheese Tray with 
Maple Infused Fruit Dip (Recipe)


Toasted Mixed Nuts

Hot Cider

Artisan Wine

WOW!!!!! Lighted Fruit & Cheese Tray

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