Monday, August 29, 2011

Customized Collegiate Napkin Rings

Simple napkin rings can become works of art to support your favorite team. You can spell out the entire name of the school. Because I am a retired Auburn University professor, of course I chose to use the initials for Auburn University as well as Auburn's orange and blue.

And, here’s how!

Items You Will Need:
1. Napkin rings in one your school’s colors.
2. Glitter stick on letters in your school’s other color. These can be purchased at your local craft store.
3. Wipe napkin ring with dry clean cloth.
4. Gently remove letters, one at a time, and position in the center.

Carry the theme one step further by using napkins in both colors of your school. Here’s how:

1. Lay the napkin that is the same color as the ring down flat.
2. Lay the napkin that is in the second color down on top of the first at a one-quarter turn, making sure the center of the two napkins are on top of one another.
3. Pinch in the center and bring straight up to form a fabric “flower”.
4. Place in napkin ring.

I used four "tiger" chargers atop of orange straw place mats to complete my theme! War-r-r-r Eagle!

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