Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lighted Fruit & Cheese Tray

For our Easter gathering, I chose to prepare a fruit and cheese tray, the simplest of all appetizers to prepare, for starters. For this one, I used an inexpensive mirror rather than a platter as my base. A lighted glass block, which can be found at craft stores, added a little bit of height and a whole lot of pizzazz.  I used three to five unusual, gourmet cheeses in large wedges.

The different kinds of cheeses recquired are determined by the number of guests invited. My rule of thumb is to start with three regardless of the number of people, up to 25. I add one different type of cheese for every 15 people over 25.

Position the large wedges of cheese to allow for nooks and crannies which can be filled in with grapes cascading down. Strawberries also added a pop. Assorted crackers were served on the side. Now, just how easy is that?

For more exotic trays, orange or grapefruit halves with flesh removed and edges fluted make great containers for dips for the fruits.

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