Saturday, January 19, 2013

January '13 Table Scape

With all the Christmas decorations packed away for another year, the time is now to come up with another idea for my tables, especially in the kitchen where we spend so much of our time. Always keep in mind that eating gluten free doesn't have to be boring. As a matter of fact, eating gluten free can be down right elegant, beginning in this case with a simple, nevertheless, sophisticated table setting and sideboard.

Pictured above is a very simple setting--black place mats set with square white plates and a double napkins in the colors of wine and maize. Silverware and a tea goblet round out each place setting. Notice the aluminum ware napkin ring holders reinforce the aluminum rope tray playing host to the centerpiece of fresh double Camilia blossoms from our yard.

Three juice glasses, each sporting one Camilia blossom, set on an oblong aluminum rope tray makes for not only a beautiful, but inexpensive as in free, centerpiece. 

Pictured at right is an up-close pic of my individual place settings. Please note the perfectly straight alignment across the bottom--the way place settings should be.

The oak sideboard looked a little lonesome devoid of its Christmas decor. To give it a new breath of fresh air, I picked up a couple of bunches of carnations--one a dark maroon, almost wine colored, and the other a goldie yellow. The reflection in the mirror truly gives you your money's worth. I paired these sweeties with an antique carnival glass and wrought iron votive candle holder.

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