Thursday, November 29, 2012

Choosing a Root Vegetable:

Root vegetables are the workhorses of the vegetable family and prolific around this time of the year. Everything from carrots to potatoes to onions to beets to radishes and more fall into this category.

When purchasing these underground jewels, what properties should be required? The trick is to find those that are at their prime. Prime means each vegetable should be smooth, hard, uniform and free of cuts and bruises. Also, look for those with skin or surfaces still intact, Wrinkled skin is an indication of dehydration. If root vegetables are sprouting, you can count on their having been on the shelf a very long time. You should pass on them.

If you don’t see prime root vegetables when shopping, ask the produce manager if he has any fresh in the back. I don’t know why, but produce departments leave produce well pasts its prime on the shelf with fresh in the back that is also aging. 

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  1. Great advice on choosing root veggies. As for where to find the best quality vegetables and prices? I've had good luck with local farmers market.


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