Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kroger: What's Wrong with This Picture?

Sometimes I think Kroger is trying to keep me and all others following any special diet confused. Now, keep in mind that this particular Kroger store has a large organic section. Within that section is a huge sign above one aisle that says "Gluten Free." However, not everything in that sub-section is gluten free. 

While shopping for other things after not finding the Hodgson's Gluten Free Bread Mix that I had been looking for in the "gluten free" section, I happened to see it right smack in the middle of the cake mix section. Across the isle, the Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels were in the middle of the chocolate and other baking chip section. 

Would it not make more sense to put these either in the gluten free section or cross market by placing them in both the gluten free section and the sections where you would expect to find their gluten laden counterparts. 

Here is my theory on this quirky marketing strategy, for what it is worth. According to the manager, corporate pulls products that are not producing up to some set standard. He also said that he did not really understand about the gluten free "thing" so he was personally hesitant to ask corporate for more gluten products. My offer to teach him and work with corporate was lost in the conversation. I think by "hiding" products where you would least expect to find them is a sure way for these products to under produce, causing them to ultimately be taking out of stock because they are not selling.

What do you folks think? 

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