Friday, June 1, 2012

Purple, Green & Spring

Pretty purple bouquet inspires a purple and green table scape!
An emotional Memorial Day is behind us, at least for now. So, time to change the table scape in my kitchen. This "free" bouquet reminded me of my good friend Betsy who left this world way to soon through no fault of her own. Her favorite colors were purple and green and was a master at combining these two colors in very different and creative ways. 

So, when my sweet husband presented them to me earlier this week, I thought I will design a table scape that would make Betsy proud. 

Here is how I did this:

  1. This simple, but elegant bouquet, was placed in a clear vase to show the green stems in the center of the table.
  2. Table set for four.
  3. I added purple place mats and two napkins--one green and one white--to each place setting.
  4. I used my "Spring Floral" wine glasses to give a spring flare to my table. 
  5. To create a fabric flower, I laid the green napkin down first followed by the white on top of the green one at a right angle. By pinching both in the center and coming straight up from the table, the fabric forms a natural "fabric flower" when tucked into the wine glasses. The white napkin against the walls of the glass shows off the whimsical floral patterns on the glass. 
  6. I used white square plates, placing each with the bottom parallel to bottom of the place mats. The square of the plate replicates the lines of the place mats and emphasizes the white napkin.
  7. Cutwork stainless belonging to my mother rounds out each place setting.
Here are the basic supplies I use for four place settings:
  1. 1 bouquet
  2. 1 vase, ribbon optional
  3. 4 place mats 
  4. 8 napkins
  5. 4 dinner plates*
  6. 4 wine glasses
  7. 4 dinner knives
  8. 4 dinner forks
  9. 4 salad forks
  10. 4 coffee or dessert spoons

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