Thursday, May 24, 2012

Table Scape Memorial Day '12

Memorial Day is reason to celebrate.

Old Glory
Many have all grown up with a feeling that nothing can threaten life as they know it—safe and secure with images of war torn towns and villages always coming from countries far away. The truth is our freedom is not free. Men and women since before the inception of the United States of America laid down their lives for their families to live in a free world. Today, troops are still putting their all on the line every day in ways that those of us who have always had a cushy life cannot even imagine. And, those like my husband, who fought in the Vietnam War, will not even talk about.  
Take the opportunity this to celebrate the veterans in your life. They will appreciate your efforts more than you know.

Here is the table scape I created to honor my husband. I used various sizes of flags to create a noteworthy centerpiece in a simple vase.

Navy satin striped place mats formed the backdrop for red charges that help square white plates. Two napkins--one red trimmed with lace and one white battenberg-- held in place by a silver napkin ring. Silver flatware and a wine glass round out each place setting.

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