Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring Change of Pace

Tired of your table settings? Sometimes the smallest changes can make such a difference! You have seen all the items used previously. I just mixed things up a little every once in a while. By putting old things together in new combinations keeps my tables fresh and new, making meal time so much more enjoyable.

 Let me show you how!

Table #1: Kitchen Table April 20 '12
Pictured above is the setting I have on my kitchen table now. I simply the used the plaid linen topper (shown on Table #3) that I originally used for a whimsical Easter table in 2011. The gorgeous navy satin stripe place mats and the matching napkins placed as a cradle for the green napkins were also used on my large dining table for Easter this year, which is pictured in #4 below. 

I kept a few of the table appointments the same for the sake of convenience that I had used originally following Easter (pictured on Table #2). The same green linen napkins are at home in their flower pot clay napkin ring holders. I also kept the little clay bird shaped tea light holders as well. We eat from our Fitz and Floyd dinnerware every day and use the same silverware most of the time. So why not leave it out to make serving easier. Brightly color wine glasses replaced the matching mugs for a sparkle of color that picks up the colors in my new fresh flowers!

For us, mealtime is a time of catching up with one another, making plans for the next day or simply enjoying time spent together, and I think we deserve to pamper ourselves at home just a little. Don't you?

Table #2: From Easter to Spring '12

Table #3: Easter Table '11
Table # 4: Easter Dining Table '12

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