Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Back to Basics--Where Do I Start?

At the risk of boring you to death with stuff you already know, please bear with me!! Daily I watch professional chefs measure ingredients incorrectly. Being a retired Auburn University professor and home economist, watching such makes my skin crawl. 

I want to help those who are suddenly faced with having to cook at home from scratch because of eating a medically necessitated gluten free diet to learn the correct way to cook. Learning good habits from the beginning is so much easier than unlearning bad habits.

Every two or three days, I will have an educational post with a link to the post on my Back to Basics--Cooking 101 page ( tab located at the top of my blog).

Okay, let's get down to walking into the kitchen and knowing how to get started. These are the same steps I took my high school home economics students through during my earlier years of teaching. The same principles apply today and work equally well. These are the steps I go through every day at home, not just when I give demonstrations.

First, select the recipes you want to prepare.

Second, read each recipe thoroughly.

Third, make sure you have all the ingredients on hand. 

Third, get yourself organized.

How does the novice cook get organized? The same way that I do!!!

1. Read the recipe thoroughly, AGAIN. Line the ingredients up in the order used in a recipe.

2. Get all equipment together, i.e., measuring equipment, mixing bowls, spatulas, wooden spoons, mixers, or whatever.

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